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i'll be back...see? here i am!!!!

wow, it's been awhile. not even sure if any one still reads me, considering how often i update (though i swear I just looked at it last weekend and it said that my last update had been 10 weeks ago, and this week it says 14 weeks ago. unless my sense of time is really really really off. (very possible, it is me) what can i say? school, work, boy...that'll about do it for me! XD are you bored away yet?
i got to see andrew last week, for the first time in about a year i think (it was really fun and cool and i'll have to do it again. sooner this time!)
other then that, i've been taking alot of pictures, and all this entry is really about (sorry guys, no depth or meaning here, really) is that i'm starting up my photo journal again. rubyred_dragon
so you should head over there and check it out! i'm alittle behind the times, and just learned how to use basic photoshop, and right now all that's on there is some pictures of the forest fire from the summer, jewelry that i've made (that's also what i've been keeping busy with. i am a bead-ahololic. i can't stop, and i spend waaaaaay too much money on them at once.), and soon to be, pictures from the philadelphia flower show.


p.s. might get a job at another flower shop. put in an application, did a sample arrangement, waiting to hear back from them. or at jeniksions' aquarium, either the atlantic city or point pleasent one (still haven't decided which one would be better). so that's all very exciting! friday's is just boring...i want a job that i want to go to! XD
and being at the flower show made me really really miss the flower shop. the only thing i didn't enjoy about that job was the boss and the money situation.
i got dahlia bulbs (my favorite favorite flower) at the show. there were sooo many color choices i had a hard time deciding. ended up with a light pink one with yellow on the inside center of the petals, and mom found deep dark red ones at walmart. can't plant them until the day after mother's day. I hope they GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also got snapdragons and spider mum. very cool plants, those.


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Mar. 18th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
thank you darling!

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