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NaPoWriMo #5 Don't Forget

A little explanation of the numbers. I am aware that I've only posted two out of the 30th. #3 is really really long and I don't feel like typing all that right now. I might post it some point in the future. When my writing arm stops feeling sore. (no lie)

#4 is honestly a very personal poem. If you ask nicely in person, I will let you read it. But I won't be posting it online.

Don't Forget

A word of advice
For my writer and poetry friends
Especially in the midst of this mad month
When we immerse ourselves in our craft

Be open to inspiration
From strange or unlikely sources
Some days, it'll take some searching
But don't despair
Some days it'll take some work
Don't give up
The resulting piece may not be your best work
And that's okay

Please, do not lose yourself too deeply
Do not forget to live
Enjoy the sunlight
Breathe in the fresh air
Let the sight of blooming flowers make you smile
Dance around your room, singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs
Do whatever makes you happy
Stay out late, laugh with your friends

You don't have to record every single moment for prosperity
They are not all profound
They don't have to be
Enjoy the life you are living while you are living it
This moment may never come around again

If you only observe and record
And do not interact
What is there to write about?

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