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NaPoWriMo #6

My wine reddened lips
Your's whiskey warmed
My hips responding
To the look in your eyes
It's late
A party at a friend's house
The time of night just before the sun signified end
Most people have found a couch or pillow or bed to call their own
For a few hours
It's just us in the dining room
The piano plays a familiar tune
A song we both know
We sing along in happy comradery
And you tease me when I stop
You shove my shoulder playfully and tell me that I know the song
The music makes me want to dance
Hold you close
You smile that smile
And it's good that I'm sitting down
You make my knees go weak
Halt thoughts in my head
No longer able to speak
I'd forgotten how this feels
It's been so long
Sweaty hands
And nervous laughter
All our conversations never turn out how I have them scripted in my head
The time is never right
And nothing ever happens
No matter how much I will it to
And I am not free
To say this to you
There's a line that I cannot bring myself to cross

You go to tickle my nose with your scarf
"Don't. Please."
It's nothing but innocent flirting on your part
And I'm sure you think the same of me
It seems like a good idea at the time.
Why does it always seem like a good idea at the time?
My head keeps saying this is wrong, this is wrong!
My heart has no ears or brain
It just knows what makes it beat
You smile and it skips a beat

I'll lie to myself
Pretend that I'm fine
But you, you walk through that door
My hear betrays my head every time

A friend wanders in and whatever made up moment we were in the middle of is gone
And so are you
Leaving me with skipping beat heart, wine reddened lips, and hips
Waiting for you to dance with them


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