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not much to report. broke with two jobs again...ole' still owes me a few paychecks and i'm afraid she's going to skip town on me (she's working on selling the store and moving). and i noticed on two of my last paychecks she had the wrong amount of hours, so now i have to go back to june and onwards and check every single timecard to make sure she's not screwing me over. i still think thats what will end up happening. not happy about that.
upset with work. we just switched over managers being in charge of what department, and i requested off three days next week, and recieved...none of them. and it was important to me. weds is jason's birthday and our one year aniversary. saturday is not neccessary to have off, but it'd be nice to have the whole weekend too. sunday i really really wanted off. jason's mom is celebrating jason's birthday and his brother's birthday. and she invited my mom (the parents still havent meet. dont ask how that happened) so i was really looking forward to it. so i have to talk to the manager and start begging and bribing people to pick them up.
we have a fancy holiday company party for fridays. i have a pretty kimono-ish silky top and fancy pants. just need jewerly and shoes. hope its not too lame.

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and thats all i've got. sorry. boring me.

is it possible to be stressed out and not know it? if so, i think i am.

kill the alarm

i wish there were more weekends in sept. so many cool festivals or people's parties were going on, and there just wasnt enough time for all of them. le sigh. im tired. but i get to close up early! yay!
food. cant wait for food. it will be good. yes. yes indeed.

i need more free time. i suppose you dont get much of that with two jobs. duh.

jason's band played at the stone pony last night. it was awesome. alot of good bands. we got free cds from them. yay. and one of our friends got kicked out, for underage drinking. which sucks, but they can get in so much trouble for it i cant blame them.

i need wawa iced coffee. cumberland farms had a pomagrante green tea energy drink that looked delicious. maybe i'll stop and get one before work. ive been working alot again. the other girl, carly, took the past week off, without asking. and we had two weddings. im mad at her. and so is ole. i wonder if shes comming back at all. i hope. i dont like having an hour between jobs and only from midnight or so to 8am being the only time i have to myself. thats not enough to accomplish anything. i wanted to bead today at work, but i forgot all the supplies. boo. only missing the one thing too.
i was so sleepy this morning. still not all there today. maybe if i leave early, jason and i can spend some time together. more then the measly half-hour that we seem to have most days.

thats all for now. boring life. i work all the time
once again, i wish i could draw. there are so many cool flowers that i would love to be able capture.

we went to columbus yesterday. it was awesome. (even if jason and our friend moshe were being hinted at being gay. XD i got skirts that are pretty. mom doesn't agree. she called them ugly. whatever.

i'm hungry. we are getting pizza tonight. cant wait.

so i made cupcakes for the hostesses at work. they were very happy. the cupcakes? delicious! and i made tacos. they were delicious too.

i made a key lime pie for jason's mom's birthday. and then proceeded to have about 4 days of working at just friday's, but i didnt want the pie to sit in the fridge there. (i'm not sure why, i'm sure it would be fine) but i realized after it sat in the fridge for 3 days that i had forgotten an ingredient (randomly, i was coming home from the flower shop, and realized this). so i had to make another one. and i apparently told mom she could eat the old one. i didnt remember that, and threw the old one away. i also forgot to ask jason to bring the pie home with him. so i wake up the next morning all prepared to present jason's mom with the pie. and open the fridge to find: a half eaten pie. so mom was nice enough to make me another, but yet again, haven't found the time to run it up to her. i'm planning on writing on it "best damn pie ever" or "worth the wait". not sure which one yet. but the fact still remains: her birthday was the and she Still doesn't have the pie. that's a present that's at least a week late.

that's all for now. cant wait for sunday. a complete day off. it'll be nice.


nan, you're a window shopper

so, for as much as i struggled with the flower shop in te beginning, i'm really starting to love it. its a job that makes me proud at the finish of an arrangment. i feel useful and helpful and productive. i made a boquet yesterday, for a mother's birthday, and the husband came to pick it up looked at it and said "beautiful". which just made me feel good. i was very happy with it as well. i don't get that statisfaction at fridays. no one tells me that i do a beautiful job holding the door. or, if they do, they are being silly, and dont mean it in the same way.

i think i'm going to get into beading and jewlery making.
it's been a long time. it's been a busy long time. i've barely had time for myself. i'll tell you one thing, if you want to save money, get two jobs and work 6 days a week, 11 hour days. you won't have time to spend money. you also won't have time for anything else.

i felt bad, mom had off last week. i didn't. well, except for friday. but that was a stroke of luck on my part. but she asked me when my day off was, and i told her that i didn't have one. which threw her a bit. then she wanted to know if i had a day where i was only working at night. i told her there wasn't.

managed to get a morning (and by morning, i mean an hour) of kayaking in though. it was really cool. i'm really getting the feel of it. stilll having trouble with getting in the dang thing, but i think that might be in part the dock's fault. (oh, yeah, by the way, i got a kayak!) she's pretty. they call the color sunburst. or sunset. i'm not sure. but her name is tiger lily, lily for short. (i just tried to insert a picture. not sure if it worked. if not, i'll fix it later. promise) i found out that ducks do Not like kayaks. at all.

so for the past four days now, at varying times and strength, my back right side of my right lung has felt like there is something in the way of me drawing a full breath. and when i try, it's a sharp pain. not fun. i had such a hard time getting to sleep last night. and yesterday i had a very low grade fever. mom said it sounded like an infection of some sorts. it might be an allegic reaction to my birth control pills, but as this is the 3rd month i've been on them, it's unlikely. i would think that a reaction would have occured sooner. so the next thing to rule out is that something is going on with my back. not good. we'll see how that goes.
i am broker then broke. i don't remember the last time i was this broke. last time i was even close, i had about 8 dollars in my checking account. now, i have -9. which, believe it or not, is an Improvement from what it used to be. it was -75, until i deposited my last check. stupid overdraft fee, and stupid gas stations for not putting in their statements or whatnot for a few days.

i picked up a beautiful journal. i love it so much. it's leather bound with butterflies on it.

that is all. carry on.


i had something to say here. but i've forgotten it. so i will inform you that i made some kickass cupcakes today and that i am sooo excited to be going to the flea market on sunday!!!
that is all. continue with your lives.

oh, AND i'm super pissed that i'm breaking out. for no apparent reason. i hate it. and i know it sounds super bitchy, but i've been told for years that i have gorgeous skin. and now this. not happy. maybe the heat has been making me sweat more the usual?
i'll have to look and find some clearing up stuff to scrub with. booo

and there are no bandaids in this place. wtf. i was taking out the trash, and it was heavy and i was maunveering through a small hall and bashed my knuckle against the counter. i only got the top layer, but it stings (i really just forgot how to spell stings. no lie. took a minute or so to think of it.) still, and i know it should be covered. actually, with my clutsyness, you think i would have learned to carry bandaids with me at all times. especially when i have cute hello kitty ones.
i couldn't get the top back on the dumpster either. it's heavier then it looks. tried it two different ways, with a total of three tries. no luck. i gave up. hopefully seagulls don't care much for flower stems.
scary scary women like to call the store, and bitch about things that we were suppose to do that didn't happen, when i wasn't here.

well, i say Women, but so far it's only been one. i didn't know what to tell her, besides the fact that i just got there at 4.
i thought i had more to say. i don't really. it's been a rough end of the week, that's for sure. with a mystery imediate future appearing.
i'm probably getting a kayak this weekend! =D
i know it's for sale, through a friend of mine at work. it's used, he only wants 150 for it. and mom said she'd pay for half of it! just have to find out a good time to get over there and check it out. i'm sooooo excited. and i aplogize if i've mentioned this before. but as it gets closer to coming home, the more excited i'm going to get. i might see harry potter on the imax this sunday. ^_^

that's all for now. hope you are surviving a bit better then me in this heat!