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12 February 1986
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"I'm a Pilgrim on the edge,
On the edge of my perception.
We are travelers at the edge,
We are always at the edge of our perceptions."

that's a quote from this insane poster i have. it's...well...it's really hard to describe. but i felt like sharing it with anyone who's gone journal hopping or randomely come across this thing.
i suppose i should put more of a bio here (before it was just the quote with all the fun graphic stuff below...)
so, here goes.

my username is ramblequeen for a reason. that reason fits in with this journal's title. i do tend to be random and switch subjects in an entry without much, if any warning. i've also been known to talk for a stupid length about things like air conditioning, and how it is one of the best inventions ever (you stand outside in the bright summer sun all day, and then take a car ride with air, and see what you think.)
i act like a little kid half the time, yet i've been told i'm very mature for my age. people lately have been telling me i look older then i am. part of me has never grown up. i LUV to color in coloring books, and be silly. (like those crappy crane games that have the cheapest, ugliest little stuffed animals? i can't resist them.)
i don't have a good sense of money, and spending. this is probably why i still live at home (that, and my job doesn't pay all that well)

i love to read. my mom and sister and grandmother and pop-pop do too. so it must be a genetic thing. or just that i grew up around readers, so decided at an early age that this book/reading thing must be pretty cool. our house resembles a small library. i get yelled at alot for buying books.

almost more or the same amount of love has to be my love of music. i listen to it almost constantly. and if it's not on, i've been known to get alittle antsy and funny. go to a concert with me, and i'll be your best friend. i'm Always on the lookout for new bands to obbess over.

i can't spell to save my life. seriously.

i'm a beach girl. but take me there, and be warned, i've been known to spend three hours straight in the ocean. i love learning all about ocean life. i'm planning on majoring in marine biology. i'm especially interested in horseshoe crabs. i'm not sure why they fasinate me so much. but at the bay down the road from us, Hundreds of them swarm the beach around the mating season. i have more pictures of horseshoe crab porn then i'd care to admit.

i do like my alone time, my down time to myself, but too much of it, and i go alittle crazy. i don't think i'd enjoy living alone. i'd end up talking WAAAAYY too much to the cat. but for the most part, i am a people person.

though i tend to lose touch with awesome, amazing people in my life, my friends are incredible. i heart them. they are important to me, which i've really realised when we moved an hour and half away from them.

i love learning. and school...because i'm a dork.

this is a bit longer then i intended. so i'll end it.
if you've made it this far, you might as well friend me. you'll be well prepared for the way i keep this journal.
i like new friends, so don't be shy. =D

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